IRAKLIA: Even with my eyes shut I’d probably recognize its smell, a while before the ferryboat is tied up: this familiar mixture of a bitter, salty, slight breeze from the sea, ...


Projekt Elpida

„Ελπίδα“ (hope) is a small private non-profit organization to support people on the small Cyclades Island of Iraklia who are in need because of the severe economic crisis in Greece.

Elpida project

Since my early days I´ve been fascinated by all the different colors, smells and sounds in nature - here even the boldest combinations seem harmonic.


I grew up near the highest mountain Austria and feel deeply connected with the breathtaking wilderness of the Higher Alps. I adore and salute the amazing richness of treasures in the woods and pastures in the heart of the High Tauern National Park.

Blooming gardens and other countryside provide us with a different abundance in shape and color, and the circle of the four seasons performs delightful magic with new sight to the familiar.

(c) Johanna Klinar 2014. All rights reserved.